Daytime exterior of the main building at East Durham College's Peterlee Campus

Admission Policy

The full time prospectus and application forms are available from September each year for the following academic year. The part time prospectus is available from July each year.

In addition to course information e.g. days, times etc. the Prospectus will also contain tuition and examination/registration fees, information on fee remission and instalment payments, a postal course reservation form and clear information on how to enrol. Course information also is available on the College web site. Course information will be clear and concise with entry qualifications, course/assessment details and progression routes clearly stated.  Information will be readily available on the opportunities and support in college for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

Applications for Full time Programmes

Student Services Staff at the Burnhope Way Centre will process all applications for full time courses. All applications will be treated equally and without prejudice in line with the College’s Equal Opportunities Policy. Information from the application form will be entered onto the MIS database to be used by the College management for strategic planning purposes and will be subject to the College’s Data Protection Policy.   All applicants will receive either an acknowledgement of their application or an interview date within 10 working days of receipt of the application form. Full time applications from school leavers and present students may require the College to request a Head Teacher/present Tutor's written confidential report. The report will assist the interviewer and applicant in deciding the most appropriate programme of study and/or identification of the needs of the applicant. Student Services Staff will open an individual file for each applicant containing all relevant information.  The file will be updated throughout the application and enrolment process and will follow the student throughout their time at College.  The information in the file will be treated as confidential and held in line with the College’s Data Protection Policy.  Students wishing to have access to their file may apply in writing to the Principal.  Personal Tutors will return the files of all leavers to Student Services for secure storage.

First Stage Interviews for Full Time Courses

Interviews will take place in college to discuss the student’s choice of course. Where necessary arrangements can be made to interview in school, outreach centres or the applicants home. A course specialist will conduct the one to one interview. It will be used to identify interests, experiences, skills and needs of the potential learner.  Information, advice and guidance will be provided on:

  • College courses and minimum entry requirements
  • Additional learning support available including childcare
  • Key Skills information (including Wider Key Skills)
  • Course fees and available funding
  • Special uniform/equipment requirements of the course

Attention will be paid to the Student’s National Record of Achievement/Progress File and/or Accreditation of Prior Learning. Where appropriate a "conditional" offer of a place will be made subject to the entry requirements of the programme of study.   Part of the interview process will consist of a computer based screening for literacy and numeracy.  The results of the screening will help to decide the level of course most suited to the individual student and will also help to detect any learning difficulties the student may have and enable us to provide extra support at the earliest opportunity. A summary of the interview will be recorded on an Initial Assessment Record and placed in the applicants file. Potential learners may be given the opportunity to attend short taster sessions in their chosen subject areas or be invited to join current students in appropriate college activities prior to enrolment.  In some instances pre-course assessment may be required. Enrolment interviews by subject specialists will be held in College immediately prior to the course commencement. Examination results will be checked against entry requirements for the course and advice and guidance given on alternatives where necessary.  The interview will again cover the points discussed at the initial interview stage. Attention will be paid to the National Record of Achievement / Progress File and/or Accreditation of Prior Learning.  

Interviews for Part time Courses

Part time students requiring additional information on College courses will be given the opportunity to talk to course specialists at open days, enrolment sessions, drop in sessions or by appointment. A member of the course team will conduct Interviews for part time courses where necessary.  The interview will cover the same topics as full time course interviews.

Students with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities

Students with learning difficulties or disabilities may join any of the College’s courses, subject to normal entry requirements.  The College has a policy statement for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

Additional Learning Support is available to all students to help with their studies. If you have a learning difficulty or disability and a suitable place is not available for you in a college in the further education sector, the Learning Skills Council may consider funding a place for you in an independent College if it considers that is the best way to meet your particular needs.  We will contact the Learning Skills Council for details for individual cases on request.