External image of East Durham College's Peterlee Campus

History Of The Peterlee Campus

East Durham College moved into its new Peterlee Campus back in January 2009. However, the college institution dates back to 1950s.

Easington Technical College

The earliest copy of the college prospectus (part time) in the archives shows that in 1957 the college was known as Easington Technical College, Peterlee.

In the prospectus, the college offered national and general certificate courses in mining and engineering and courses for intending mine deputies. In 1958-59 full time courses were introduced.

Easington Technical College circa 1950sEasington Technical College circa 1950s

The Crest

The crest featured on the front cover of the college's prospectuses from 1958 to 1963. The Latin translation of Do Ut Des is 'I give in order that you may give'.

Easington Technical College crest

Peterlee Technical College

From 1975 the college become known as Peterlee Technical College.

Peterlee College

From 1984 the college become known as Peterlee College.

East Durham Community College

From 1996 the college become known as East Durham Community College.

East Durham & Houghall Community College (EDHCC)

On 1 June 1999 East Durham and Houghall Community College was formed by statutory instrument and represented a merger between the former East Durham Community College (formerly known as Peterlee Tertiary College in the 1980s and Peterlee College since 1989) and Durham College of Agriculture and Horticulture (also known as Houghall College).

East Durham College (EDC)

2008/09 the college rebranded to become known as East Durham College.

The college relocated from their town centre site on Burnhope Way to their £36m Willerby Grove campus in January 2009.

Sports Centre

The Sport Centre was officially opened by Prince Richard, Duke of Glouchester (pictured below), on 30th March 2009.

Prince Richard, Duke of Glouchester at East Durham College

Lubetkin Theatre

The Lubetkin Theatre within the Peterlee Campus was officially opened by Sasha Lubetkin on 5th October 2009

Boxing Gym

The East Durham Boxing Gymnasium within the sports centre was officially opened by local boxing hero Tony Jeffries, bronze medallist at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and former student of East Durham College.

The Technical Academy

In September 2011, The Technical Acadamy opened over on the Peterlee South West Industrial Estate.

East Durham Sixth Form (ED6)

In September 2012, East Durham Sixth Form (ED6) opened within EDC so the college once again could offer students a wide selection of A-levels.

Apollo Studio Academy

In September 2014, the Apollo Studio Academy opened within EDC.

College Principals

Mr. G. W. Bloomfield, 1957-1958
Mr. V. Morris, 1958-1959
Mr D. T. A. Rees, 1960-1962
Mr. Lou. E. Watts, 1962-1981
Mr. Alan. A. Robinson, 1982-1984
Mr. Chris. J. Hughes, 1984-1995
Mr. Ian. W. Prescott, 1995-2010
Mr Stuart Wesselby, 2010-2011
Mr Eugene McCrossan (Interim), 2012
Mrs Suzanne Duncan, 2012 to present day