Welder working on steel beam with text 6 reasons to consider an apprenticeship

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Apprenticeship

Tue, 05/03/2019 - 10:30

Have you ever considered an apprenticeship? If you’re a young person fresh out of school and considering your options for the future, or even if you’re an older person looking for a change, an apprenticeship should be something you’re strongly considering.

Apprenticeships come with a whole host of benefits and can help you to a blaze a trail in your chosen career.

At East Durham College, we work closely with a huge number of employers in our region to offer apprenticeships to young people from across the North East and, in honour of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, here are loads of great reasons why you should be considering an apprenticeship.

Earning While You’re Learning

One of the most major differences of an apprenticeship compared to staying in education is this – you’ll earn a wage while learning more about your new career path.

All apprentices are entitled to a minimum of the Apprenticeship wage here in the UK; while you’re not likely to receive a full salary while working as an apprentice, earning money while honing your craft is a fantastic way to stay motivated at work.

For hardworking apprentices, many employers offer full-time positions after your apprenticeship is completed, so there’s a potential to go on to earn even more after your apprenticeship is completed.

You’ve Got Skills

There’s nothing quite like actually working to hone your skills – that’s why an apprenticeship is ideal.

Apprentices are at a company to learn the ropes. While you’re there, qualified members of staff are responsible for your growth, and over time you’ll hone your skills, getting gradually better at your role.

Never discount the value of working in an actual working environment – it really is one of the best ways for you to gain extremely valuable skills for use in your working life.

Avoid Uni Debt

With average university fees now around £9000 (per year no less!) and maintenance loans, takeaways, pot noodles and other factors to think about, going to university in 2019 means taking on a massive financial debt too.

While, yes, you only have to pay it back when you earn a certain amount of money per month, that’s still a chunk going out of your monthly wage, probably for a significant period of your life too.

In comparison, an apprentice simply goes straight into work. There’s no loans to pay back, and no debt to worry about either. You’ll just earn your wage, and work towards gaining full-time employment in your place of work.

Huge Choice of Apprenticeship Options

Apprenticeships can be in almost anything you can think of. Whether you’re wanting to become a civil engineer or work in business administration, or whether you dream of working in a stableyard looking after horses or working for a florist, there’s likely to be an apprenticeship for it!

Better still, they all include that on-the-job training and skills development we mentioned before, so you’ll just get better and better over time in your chosen field!

Why not click here and take a look at the types of apprenticeships we offer here at EDC?

Support All the Way

You won’t just start your new apprenticeship and be left to it – your employer will work with you at all times to ensure your growth during your time with them. The employer is looking for a qualified, talented member of staff who can work for them for a long period of time – and as their apprentice, you’re that person!

Alongside support from the person who employs you you’ll also receive support from East Durham College too. On quite a few apprenticeships you’ll be expected to attend college for around a day a week, where you’ll learn further skills to complement your growth at work too.

There’s No Age Limit

It’s a common misconception, but apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers!

Unless you’ve got a degree, you’re eligible for an apprenticeship. So if you’re an older person looking to move into a completely different career, an apprenticeship could be for you too!

Of course, apprenticeships are also great for school leavers who aren’t interested in further and higher education.