Three female students from the fooball academy walking on the pitch outside the East Durham College's Peterlee Campus

Activities, Clubs & Competitions

The College is committed to providing a range of activities and opportunities available to all students, which will augment and enrich their academic programmes.

This may consist of a timetabled activity such as recreational sports or cultural activity, an interest opportunity such as preparation of the written part of the driving test or some discrete activity occurring at some stage through their course such as hairdressing or tree felling competitions. Whereas it is accepted that such opportunities are more easily accessed by our full time Students the majority will also be on offer to any part time student who wishes to attend. 

There are many opportunities within East Durham College to take part in something a bit different or to further a hobby or interest. Often the best form of enrichment is that which is closely related to the students’ interest but which also offers scope for new experiences.

The College has a strong tradition of taking students to new places and giving them the chance to work with people from different areas and different countries – sporting trips to America, catering work in Spain, hairdressing and beauty competitions, performing arts excursions by ferry to Amsterdam, and the regular foundation visits to France, Germany and Poland to name but a few.

For those interested in Sport, the College also offer a number of Sport Development Centres which offer full time students the chance to train in their chosen discipline as well as gaining qualifications. Information about the programme and activities will be circulated and updated on a regular basis.

Student Competition Successes Newsletter

At East Durham College we believe competition motivates ambition and increases performance standards among those involved, as well as their classmates.

This newsletter does not include every event and competition our students took part in, but gives you a good flavour of some of their successes, and helps celebrate some outstanding achievements.

Student Competition Successes Newsletter