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Complaints Policy

It is accepted that in any college there will be times when a student, group of students or member of the community, feel they have reasons to feel aggrieved at their treatment.

It is therefore essential that the College has a proper mechanism to allow such persons to bring this complaint to the attention of the management of the College and to ensure that the management deals with it in a fair and equitable manner.

Should complainants require alternative methods of communication other than via email at in writing they can make a request verbally to a member of the college management team.

Please see the complaints procedure document below for further details.

East Durham College - Complaints Procedure General Document

CP1 - Complaints Form

Higher Education

The above procedure relates to all students studying at EDC. However, where a complaint relates to Higher Education provision this procedure will recognise the complaints procedure of the HE Franchising partner, currently the University of Sunderland.