The boardroom at East Durham College's Peterlee Campus

Statement On Access To Meetings & Minutes

The following statements set out the policies agreed by the Corporation of East Durham College with regard to:

Public Access to Meetings

Any person who is not a member of the Corporation or a properly appointed member of a Committee of the Corporation wishing to attend a meeting of the Corporation or a Committee of the Corporation shall put their reasons in writing to the Clerk* at least seven days prior to the meeting.

The Chair and Chief Executive will then agree, or otherwise, the appropriateness of the attendance.

*By post to:

David Ridley, Clerk to the Corporation
East Durham College
Willerby Grove
Co. Durham

Or by email to:

Publication of Minutes and Papers

At its meeting on 20th May 1999 the Board determined that:

  • The agenda, draft minutes, if cleared by the Chair, and signed minutes of meetings, together with papers, to be available for inspection by students, staff and members of the public.
  • The exception to the above to be when items of business relating to named members of staff or students, to matters of financial negotiations or to matters which the Board itself, from time to time, decide to treat as confidential.  Each member present at the meeting or subsequently receiving the minutes is bound by any decision on confidentiality and shall not divulge to any person who is not a member of the Board any aspect of the Board’s consideration of the issue, except as may be authorised by the Board.
  • The Instrument of Government specifies the withdrawal of staff and student governors from meetings in certain circumstances.  Separate minutes to be taken from those parts of meetings from which staff or student governors have withdrawn.  A staff or student governor who has withdrawn from a meeting shall not be entitled to see the minutes of that part of the meeting.
  • There may be occasions when the Board decides that it is the discussion of an issue or the named individuals concerned that should be regarded as confidential rather than the fact that the issue has been discussed and a decision taken.  In these circumstances it is open to the Board to decide that a separate minute is not necessary and the minutes should record the decision but not contain any reference to the discussion or to any individual involved.
  • The Board to decide at each meeting if any items are to be deemed confidential.  The Clerk to advise should this be required.
  • Agendas and draft minutes, excluding confidential items, when cleared by the Chair, to be placed in the libraries at the Willerby Grove and Houghall sites.
  • Two sets of signed minutes, with relevant papers, and copies of agendas to be retained in the Clerk’s office at the Willerby Grove site.  One set, excluding confidential items, to be available for inspection by staff, students and members of the general public.  One set of signed minutes, with relevant papers, excluding confidential items, and copies of agendas to be retained in the administrative office at the Houghall Campus for inspection by staff, students and members of the general public.
  • Staff and students to be informed of the above arrangements and notices also to be placed in the public reception areas at the two main sites.

Agendas and non-confidential minutes of Committees (once cleared by the Chair and circulated to the Corporation) to be made available on the College’s website.

The Corporation shall review annually all material excluded from inspection under paragraph 2 (d) of Instrument 17 of Government and under paragraph (3) of Clause 5 of the Articles of Government (relating to the Search Committee) and make any such material available for inspection where it is satisfied that the reason for dealing with the matter on a confidential basis no longer applies, or where it considers that the public interest in disclosure outweighs that reason.

Anyone who has any queries in connection with the above, should contact David Ridley, Clerk to the Corporation, East Durham College, Willerby Grove, Peterlee, Co. Durham, SR8 2RN or email or call on 0191 518 8208.