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Safeguarding Of Young People & Vulnerable Adults

East Durham College is committed to Creating Outstanding Futures by providing a safe and supportive learning environment that promotes security and wellbeing for all Students and staff.

The policy informs all staff, management and the board of governors, of their responsibilities towards safeguarding young people, vulnerable adults and the wider College population. The policy is available to learners and members of the public via the document link below.


Promoting and safeguarding the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults includes:

a. Ensuring the safe recruitment of staff (Management of DBS Disclosures & Disclosure Information Policy, Recruitment & Selection Policy, Suitability to Work with Children & Learners Policy)

b. Having effective arrangements in place to promote and maintain a safe learning environment. (Anti Bullying Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Alcohol & Drugs Policy, Behaviour Policy, Equality Policy). This list is not exhaustive and new policies will be developed to discharge the duties relating to this Policy;

c. Raising awareness of issues and equipping young people and vulnerable adults to keep themselves safe (opportunities through the curriculum, tutorial, preparing for work experience & Work Placements, through the relevant themes of Every Child Matters and links with Student Services Team and Student Union);

d. Maintaining an environment where young people and vulnerable adults feel secure, are encouraged to talk and are listened to;

e. Ensuring young people and vulnerable adults know that there are staff whom they can approach if they are worried;

f. Promoting procedures for identifying and reporting cases or suspected cases of abuse;

g. Providing information and training for staff on safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults - College policy and procedures, recognition of signs and symptoms of abuse;

h. Providing guidance on working with young learners and vulnerable adults. (Suitability to Work with Children & Learners Policy);

i. Maintaining procedures for reporting and dealing with allegations of bullying or abuse including any made against another student or member of staff.

Designated Safeguarding Lead & Deputy Lead

Aimey Adamson
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Alfie Wilkinson.jpg
Alfie Wilkinson
Co-Deputy Designated
Safeguarding Lead

Policy Document

To view the full policy, please click on the document below:

3.3 Safeguarding Document

COVID-19 Update

Annex to East Durham College Safeguarding children and adults at risk policy.

Response to COVID-19  Document (31st March 2020)