The Lubetkin Theatre auditorium at East Durham College's Peterlee Campus

The Lubetkin Theatre

East Durham College operates the only dedicated theatre in the East Durham area and is a facility which is open to both students and the general public for a wide range of events and performances.

The 220 seat theatre, located inside the Peterlee Campus, houses state-of-the-art equipment and provides a facility designed to nurture and inspire creativity in a range of 'arts' related disciplines.

The Lubetkin Theatre at East Durham College As well as being used as a teaching and learning area, The Lubetkin Theatre showcases a number of student productions and productions from external production companies.

The Lubetkin Theatre was officially opened in October 2009 by Sasha Lubetkin, daughter of Berthold Romanovich Lubetkin (14 December 1901 - 23 October 1990) the Russian born architect who pioneered modernist design in Britain in the 1930s and was commissioned to be master planner and chief architect for Peterlee new town only to find his vision mired in red tape and bureaucratic opposition.

If you'd like to find out more about booking an event or production at The Lubetkin Theatre, please visit our Events & Meeting website or please call our Events Co-ordinator on 0191 518 8291.

Take a Tour of the Lubetkin Theatre

Would you like to take a look inside the theatre? Our Google 360 degree tour below will let you have a look around, as well as letting you have a look at the rest of our Peterlee campus too!