East Durham College Agriculture students get ready to plough the Houghall Campus fields

Agriculture Students Get Hands On With Top Equipment

Thu, 2016-10-20 15:59

Agriculture students at East Durham College’s Houghall campus spent time last week working with a brand new state-of-the-art tractor.

Students spent two days working with the brand new New Holland T7 tractor, learning how to plough fields at the Durham-based campus. The tractor was supplied by local company Lloyds from the Bishop Aukland branch.

The College is looking to widen its links with local companies to access modern machines and resources for its Agriculture students.

This was a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their ploughing skills with top of the range modern farming equipment.

Houghall Farm has 200 acres solely designated as arable land, where a rotation of crops such as winter wheat, winter barley, spring oats, spring beans and lupin’s are grown.

East Durham College Farm Manager, Keith Cook, believes this was a great chance for students to get hands on with the latest technology in farming equipment.

Keith said: “It was brilliant to have this opportunity for students to get experience of using top of the range machinery out in the fields at Houghall.

“It is critical that the learners we are sending to employers can safely operate modern machines that are used in our highly mechanised industry.”

“Ploughing is a really important aspect of the farming process and it is really important to give these students the opportunities to learn with the different kinds of machines that are used on modern farms across the region.”

The whole farm consists of over 400 acres of mixed farming comprising of 50 cow Suckler herd and 50 bucket-reared calf enterprise combined producing 100 fat cattle a year, 150 bird turkey enterprise, flock of 300 ewes, and an ultra-modern pig unit with 14 sows producing two litters of pigs per year.

The Agriculture department is currently moving into the new Houghall Campus Agriculture centre, which has been built as part of the recent £12.75 million redevelopment of the campus.

For more information in courses in agriculture at East Durham College’s Houghall campus, please contact our student services team on 0191 375 4710.