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The College runs a fantastic Agricultural course at its Houghall Campus, on the outskirts of Durham City Centre.

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The course covers a broad range of land based topics relating to farming tasks, such as livestock husbandry, general machinery skills, estate work, work experience and safe working.

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Houghall's Agriculture Centre

Facilities & Livestock

Set on a stunning 476-acre estate, minutes from Durham City Centre, the Houghall Campus is a fantastic place to study agriculture.

Equipped with all of the modern facilities you would expect from a renowned land based college, the site boasts extensive grounds, a specialist small-animal care unit, stables and a working farm with large animals available for curriculum studies.

Houghall farm comprises of mixed farming, including a 50 cow suckler herd and 50 bucket-reared calf enterprise which combined produce 100 fat cattle a year. The herd are made up of pure Hereford, Dairy Cross Belgian Blue, Limousin Cross and Aberdeen Angus Cross which are all artificially inseminated from top Hereford Bull Ferrari.

The farm also has a 150 bird turkey enterprise (Kelly Bronzes), a flock of 300 ewes (Scottish Black Face mules, crossed with Texel or Blue Du Maine) and pig unit with 14 sows (Middle White Titans) producing two litters per year.

The college recently invested £12.75 million redeveloping Houghall (including a £3.5 million investment into the new agricultural centre) and this investment included an ultra-modern new pig unit, complete with air-conditioning, and a new cattle unit with 6 large pens and forage store to supplement the existing sheep unit down at the original farm site.

Tractor at Houghall Durham
The farm at Houghall Campus

The farm boasts its own butchery to process its meat to supply to the college canteen and Durham University.

The farm uses over 200 acres as arable land, where a diverse range of crops are grown and harvested such as winter wheat, winter barley, spring oats, spring beans and lupins. These crops help to feed the farm's livestock a correct diet, that offers sustainability and traceability, so the consumer knows exactly what our livestock is fed.

The farm has important partnerships with Agrii and Carrs Billington, whom the college work alongside researching crop trials and feed trials.

Training at the farm is also carried out in close partnership with Trading Standards, training their staff to help ensure food safety throughout the industry.


The agricultural industry offers a large variety of career opportunities from agricultural economists, agricultural engineers and agriculturists to wool-classers and farm workers.


Our agriculture course can also provide a route onto Level 3 and then on to higher education and degree courses, such as Agriculture with Animal Science, Agriculture with Crop Management, Agriculture with Farm Business Management or Marketing and Agriculture with Mechanisation.

As a highly respected institution within land based industries, courses at the Houghall Campus really will help your career grow!

Short Courses

Check out the details on our Agricultural-related Short Courses or please call the Short Courses team on 0191 375 4714​.

Small Animal Care Courses

The College also offers a range of Animal Care & Animal Management courses.


For general full time or part time course enquires, please call Student Services on 0191 375 4710.

To see full details on each of our Agriculture courses, run at the Houghall Campus in Durham, please click on any of the courses listed below.

Available full and part time course(s) listed below:

The full time courses listed below are for the academic year 2018/19, starting September 2018. For part-time courses please see the start date within the course page itself.

Available full and part time course(s) listed below:

The full time courses listed below are for the academic year 2019/20, starting September 2019. For part-time courses please see the start date within the course page itself.

Employment Stats & Facts In This Sector

Infographic detailing key employment stats in agriculture and fisheries, these details can be found in the career coach section of our website