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College Certificate Mummy I want a ......... Advice on Pets

Course Level: 

College Certificate

Overview of the course: 

Do you want your child to take responsibility for looking after a pet before you get one? Then this course is for you.
This course is 2 hours long and covers the general aspects of pet care including feeding, accommodation, handling and general pet care. There course is aimed at children so they can understand and appreciate what it takes to have a pet. Children must be accompanied by an adult and there is no minimum age.

Entry requirements: 

No entry requirements


Which small mammal? A look at a variety of small furries, their care and handling
Your first chinchilla - the care and handling
Your first pet rat - the care and handling
Your first gerbil - the care and handling
Your first hamster - the care and handling

How to take care of your Dragon (bearded dragon basics)
My first gecko (leopard gecko and crested gecko basics)
My first snake (corn snake Basics)

How is the course assessed?: 

There is no assessment for this course

Length of the course: 

2 hours long


Houghall Campus, Durham

When does the course start: 

4th November 2017

More important information about this course:


Fees are payable in advance.
£20 per child (all children must be accompanied by an adult)

*We make every effort to publish correct fees, however all fees are subject to change. Fees are correct as at the current time (25 May 2018 21:09) and are subject to change up to the date of enrolment. Fees quoted are payable annually

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How to apply: 

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Alternatively, if you need assistance with your application or you would like to apply over the phone or using a paper-based application form, please call Student Services on 0191 518 8222.

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