Applied ICT Students' DVD Project

Sun, 02/01/2000 - 00:00

GCE Applied ICT students are putting their studies into practice in order to help the College and achieve their course criteria at the same time.

The health and safety video at the farm was looking a bit out dated and in need of a revamp when the students stepped in to help. With tuition on interactive multimedia the students will be able to produce a modern DVD which will give viewers nine different health and safety scenarios at the farm. As if in real life, viewers of the DVD will then be able to choose what they would do in that same situation. By selecting an option from the DVD they will immediately be able to see what would have happened – without the negative consequences if they get it wrong!

Viewers need not worry however, if they choose the wrong option they can always go back and try again until they learn what the right thing to do is in order to stay safe on the farm.