Apprenticeship in Veterinary Nursing

Are you passionate about caring for animals? A Veterinary Nursing Apprenticeship will help you to start your career.

Veterinary nurses are key members of a veterinary team. They work alongside vets to provide care and treatment to a variety of animals.

It can be a challenging job with long hours, however nursing sick animals back to health also make a veterinary nursing apprenticeship an extremely rewarding job too.

As an apprentice, you'll learn alongside senior members of staff who will teach you new skills and grow your abilities as a veterinary nurse. Apprentices work at an actual employer's premises, earn an apprenticeship wage and are entitled to holidays just like normal employees, making an apprenticeship an excellent way to gain skills and gain experience at the same time.

Apprenticeship Level

If you are interested in an apprenticeship in Veterinary Nursing, please note that this is considered to be a Level 3 (Advanced) Apprenticeship.

Advanced apprenticeships are generally seen as the equivalent of gaining two A level passes and availability on these types of apprenticeships may vary depending on your grades at GCSE and your previous experience.

You will need to also show that you have the ability to complete the apprenticeship programme - what's required of you here may vary across training provides, employers and the job role you're applying for.

What Can I Expect to Do as a Veterinary Nurse Apprentice?

Although jobs will vary depending on your employer and what your apprenticeship actually involves, you'll be involved closely with the care and treatment of animals.

Which animals you treat will vary greatly depending on your employer. You may be treating animals such as dogs, cats or caged birds, or you may move into a more specialist field such as treating cows, pigs and other animals you may find on a farm.

Training for a veterinary nursing apprenticeship is quite intestive and takes between two to three years. During this time, you'll work at a clinical veterinary practice where experienced nurses/surgeons will guide you to complete treatment of animals in many different situations.

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