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Apprenticeship in Business Administration

Help to improve businesses from within with an apprenticeship in business administration.

Business forms the core of work - without businesses needing talented staff to do work for them, there wouldn't be jobs and there wouldn't be opportunities such as becoming a business administration apprentice.

As an apprentice, you're eligible for an apprenticeship wage while working, allowing you to earn money while gaining essential skills in a real working place. After your apprenticeship you may be kept on as a full time member of staff and your wage will improve - on average (according to statistics from Total Jobs - May 2016) business administration staff can earn £19,000 per year.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Read on for more information about becoming a business administration apprentice.

What Can I Expect as a Business Administration Apprentice?

In this role, you'll work in an actual business helping to improve efficiency and manage day-to-day tasks to keep the business running as smoothly as possible. It's a fast-paced, rewarding and stimulating field where you'll complete a wide variety of tasks which may include taking meeting notes, writing letters, answering phone calls and taking part in any other tasks as the job role requires.

As business covers such a wide variety of different industries, you could find yourself working as an apprentice for everything from a small business with only a few employees to larger firms who employ hundreds of staff. You could work in the public sector, private sector or charitable sector and you will work with others, and by yourself, to help improve the business through the development, implementation, maintenance and support of administrative services.

Business support is very much a customer-based and team-based career route; you should be a positive, engaging person who is happy to talk to others. You should have strong verbal and written skills and show a willingness to learn and try your hardest to complete all jobs assigned to you to the highest possible standard. You should also be comfortable with time management, as there may be occasions when you will have to juggle many different tasks at once.

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What Skills Will I Learn on a Business Administration Apprenticeship?

During your apprenticeship you'll grow as a person, improving your confidence, skills and general work ethic as you strive to become a hard-working, essential part of the businesses team.

Business administration apprentices can expect to earn many different skills during their apprenticeship, including*:

  • IT - you'll use multiple types of IT packages and systems (will vary depending on who you work for) to complete tasks such as writing letters and emails, perform financial processes and recording/analysing data. You may use such things as Microsoft Office and custom programs (depending on the business) and you'll develop your skills to be able to choose the right IT solution for a problem, how to update/review databases, how to record information and how to produce data analysis should it be requested
  • Record & Document Production - a big part of business administration will be producing records and documents such as emails, letters, files, payments, reports and proposals. Using your IT and other skills, you'll be able to draft up letters and other correspondence, write reports and be able to review the work of others. You'll learn to respect confidential information in line with your businesses' procedures and learn how to be comfortable in coaching others to complete tasks
  • Decision Making - improve your decision making skills to make effective decisions with sound reasoning and learn to deal with day-to-day business challenges as a responsible, mature working employee. You'll also learn to approach other, more experienced team members for advice and support as and when you need it
  • Interpersonal Skills - become more confident and outgoing as you work with the people in your team and others across the business you work for. You should strive to become a role model to peers and team members, developing your skills and developing coaching abilities to train others to perform similar tasks that you will complete in your job role
  • Communications - using different channels, including face-to-face, writing and on the phone, you'll develop your communications skills as part of your apprenticeships. You'll learn to be professional and approachable in the way you communicate and may also gain an understanding of social media and how it applies to your job role. You will also learn to become confident enough to answer questions from both inside and outside the business you work for

Other skills you may expect to learn while on this apprenticeship include time and project management, planning and organisations and how to deliver any work that you complete to a higher level of quality.

*Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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