The Army Box at East Durham College

Sat, 08/04/2000 - 01:00

East Durham College played host to a group of boxers from the 24 Commando Engineers Regiment this week. Ian Prescott, College Principal and Chief Executive, invited the Army to use the facilities and receive expert coaching from Dave Binns, Head of Boxing at the College and Regional Coach for ABAE (Amateur Boxing Association of England).

The 24 Commandos, based in North Devon but temporarily posted at Catterick, will be training at East Durham College for one week in preparation for a competition against a civilian team in Killerton, North Devon.

Spokesperson Lance Corporal Craig Cardy, from the regiment, said: “This is an excellent facility. It’s definitely the best boxing gym I’ve ever been in!”

“Dave is an awesome coach and the lads learned a great deal from him. I’m a coach myself and having the opportunity to work with someone who has so much experience is fantastic for me too.”

The lad’s presented Ian Prescott with a regimental T-shirt as a thank you for the use of the facility.

Ian commented: “You’re welcome here whenever you want. I think you all do a fantastic job and I wish you all good look in the future.”