Male horticulture student sieving soil in a glasshouse at East Durham College's Houghall Campus

Assessment & Progress

Regular assessment of students’ progress is carried out.

This can begin at the application stage where learners’ may be limited to taster sessions in College. Learners can also be visited at school or at home. College staff attend school reviews and multi-agency meetings to determine the needs and abilities of learners.

Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans and School Education support plans are used to inform College assessments. Whilst learners are studying at East Durham College, staff carry out regular formative assessments and where additional assessment is required arrangements are made as appropriate. College employs specialist staff to conduct assessments where necessary e.g. for sensory, dyslexia, autistic spectrum condition, speech & language and medical needs.

Formal reviews of progress are held monthly. At risk learners are identified monthly and arrangements are made with mentors and/or tutors to assist, guide and support the learner.

Two formal parent’s evenings are arranged although for At Risk learners parents are involved at an early stage. All learners have an individual learning plan which is compiled, reviewed and amended at least termly.

The College has comprehensive quality processes. Curriculum Reviews are held termly during which the progress of all learners is monitored and the quality of teaching and learning is assessed. College success, retention and achievement data is published in a College self-assessment report and an Equality & Diversity report is published on the website.