Beaming Faces at Nursery as East Durham College Students Donate Handmade Outdoor Play Equipment

Mon, 2017-11-13 09:12

A group of students from East Durham College have enhanced the fun and games at a local nursery after making and donating new outdoor play equipment.

Lucy Bates, Holly, Nicole Wilson, Bethany Slater, Stuart Jardine, Reece Pears and Kaitlin O’Hara, who are all students at EDC, completed the project as part of a Level 2 Employability programme.

Overseen by construction lecturer John Murray, the students were asked to make new wooden play equipment for East Durham College’s Positive Steps Nursery.

The project was designed to encourage team work between the students. The project took just three weeks to complete, with students only working two days a week on the project.

After completing the building of the equipment, the students donated the brand new wooden tractor and ship to the nursery before unveiling it to the children.

Nursery Equipment-3.png

Holly said: “It was great to see the look on the children’s faces when we donated the equipment. It made me feel really proud.”

The new equipment has been designed to be safe and fun for the children to play on and plenty of kids from Positive Steps have already begun their farming or pirate adventures with big smiles all round.

John Murray, lecturer at EDC, said: “The students worked hard to ensure that the items were delivered on time to the nursery. They all contributed to completing the project and gained a great sense of accomplishment from it. I hope that the nursery children and staff all enjoy using the items in their play-to-learn programme.”