The Benefits of Employing Apprentices

Thu, 07/03/2019 - 13:54

Apprenticeships are big news. With countless organisations, both big and small, from across the UK investing in apprentices, apprenticeships now cover more than 170 different industries and 1500 job roles.

But what are the actual benefits of employing apprentices? In honour of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, let’s take a look, shall we?

Boost Your Workforce with Talented Young People

While yes, apprentices aren’t trained in their specialism, most apprentices are passionate, keen-to-learn young people who want to really succeed at work.

With your support and training, you can help to grow the skills of your apprentice, train them first-hand on the ways of your business and ultimately gain a qualified member of staff in the future, who’ll bring value to your business every single day that they work there.

Increase Your Productivity

Apprentices really do boost a businesses’ productivity! Recent studies found that over 80% of business that had apprentices found their productivity increased with apprentices on board.

Huge Variety

As we said previously, there’s a huge scope for apprentices to succeed in different job roles. With countless types of apprenticeship available, no matter what your business is, there’s the potential to get an apprentice for that.

Work in construction? How about an apprentice bricklayer? Work in a printing company and need someone to boost your online visibility? How about employing a marketing apprentice? There are so many options – and no matter what you need in your workforce, apprentices can provide for it.

Improve Brand Image

Investing in apprentices also means you are investing in the future of a young person – this is great for your brand images, and studies have found that companies that employ apprentices are looked on more favourably than companies which do not.

Hiring an apprentice essentially sends a clear message – we want to work with talented young people, and we’re going to do it as much as we can through apprenticeships.

Great for improving your brand image overall!

Honestly though, these are just a few of the benefits of employing apprentices.

If you’re an employer who’d like to consider an apprenticeship in your business, click here to get answers to a lot of frequently asked questions employers ask!