College Offering New Puppy Training Course

Thu, 08/02/2001 - 00:00

East Durham College is launching a new puppy training course at its Houghall Campus near Shincliffe in Durham in March 2010.

The classes are designed for all breeds of dog, from the age of approximately 12 weeks up to 8 months.

Short Courses Coordinator Julie Carmichael explains: “All dogs need a good start in life and this includes good socialisation.

“The courses will help with behaviour and the very important role of playing with your puppy, helping to develop the bond between you and your dog.

“Training will also cover specific aspects of your breed of dog, as well as covering positive reward training and what the law requires from you and your puppy."

All puppies must have had their full course of vaccinations to take part and proof must be brought along to the first class.

The eight week course will cost £65 and the first set of courses will start in August, with new course start dates being offered throughout the year. The courses will run at a number of start times and each session lasts for 45 minutes.

If you would like more information or sign up for the course, please contact Julie Carmichael at the Houghall Campus on 0191 375 4716.