College Provides Perfect Backdrop For Men's Fitness Photo Shoot

Tue, 16/05/2000 - 01:00

Daniel Singh, better known as Warrior from Sky’s Gladiators series recently took part in a photo shoot for Men’s Fitness magazine, at East Durham College in Peterlee.

Mr Singh approached the College, to provide the location and backdrop for the shoot, after chancing on some images of the College’s new sports centre on the internet.

The shoot with Men’s Fitness was arranged to help promote functional training to support the art of professional wrestling. This was done by demonstrating the various techniques and abilities needed to perform everything both safely and as accurately as possible.

Men's Fitness is a leading UK monthly lifestyle magazine for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. It has a circulation of figure of over 68,000 and a readership approaching 500,000 plus a thriving website.

When asked about his thoughts on the facilities at East Durham College, Daniel said: “Quite frankly I was blown away by the facilities. I had a very short amount of time to get a venue for the shoot and it was by pure coincidence that I came across a picture of the multi-million pound new build at Peterlee.

“I’d have been lucky to have had this kind of equipment available to me when I was at college, I’ve no doubt the students can only benefit substantially as a result of having access to these amazing facilities.

“The sports hall provided the perfect space and lighting for the shoot and we achieved some very aesthetic shots, whilst roughing up the feature writer from Men's Fitness (Nick Hutchings). Credit to him, he took suplex after suplex and didn't moan a bit!

“I am more than confident that the article will come out looking great and once again many thanks to everyone at East Durham College who helped out.”

Daniel, aged 22 from Durham, overcame a neck injury and obesity to become a personal trainer,

Gladiator and professional wrestler. After Gladiators Daniel has focused on bodybuilding, motivational speaking and his main love, wrestling.

Daniel was most recently fighting at FCW, WWE’s developmental territory alongside the likes of ex WWE champion Sheamus and current intercontinental champion Drew Mcintyre. Daniel remarked: “TNA is still a majorly up and coming exciting prospect, especially when you see the wrestling career progress of colleague Nick Aldis (Brutus Magnus in TNA) however I’m confident when the time is right and I’ve accomplished my goals, I’ll make my move with the right company.”

Daniel added finally: “I'm already considering looking at dates to hold my own wrestling show at East Durham College – watch this space!”

If you would like to use the facility for an event, such as a photo shoot please contact Dianne Weir on 0191 518 8291.