(L-R) Chief Inspector Colin Williamson, Uniformed Public Services students with Course Leader Gill Draper and PC Ian Leach

College Students Put Through Paces by Police

Sun, 21/10/2001 - 01:00

Today students at East Durham College were put through their paces by members of Durham Constabulary.

Chief Inspector Colin Williamson and PC Ian Leach talked to Level 3 students at the College, helping them with course work on dealing with major incidents.

The officers briefed the students about the subject before taking the students through a scenario exercise, getting them to think about what they would need to do if they were involved with a large scale incident.

Chief Inspector Colin Williamson said: “Today we have been discussing major incidents. Talking about what would happen if an incident such as a large fire or an explosion occurred.

“What would be the impact, what would be their response, what decisions they would go through and the impact it would have on a local community.”

Chief Inspector believes sessions like this are important and beneficial for both Durham Constabulary and the students at the College.

Chief Inspector Williamson added: “Days like these are really important. It introduces people to a side of the police that they don’t usually see.

“It helps to encourage people who want to join the police and lets them see what we do on a daily basis. It also lets them see some of the different challenges that the police take on in the local community every day. "

Chief Inspector Williamson hopes that this isn’t the last he sees of some of these students, as he hopes to see them advance into Durham Constabulary in their future career.

“I would love to see some of these student come through the ranks,” added Chief Inspector Williamson.

“You have a cracking set of pupils here and about five or six of them have told me they want to join the police.

“If we can give them a little taste of what it’s like today and encourage them they can pass that on to others, we can only benefit as a force and as a community."

Gill Draper, course leader in Uniformed Public Service, added: “Having Chief Inspector Williamson and PC Leach with us today has been a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn more about how the police deal with mass and critical incidents.

“We are very fortunate to have such strong links with Durham Constabulary and the students have really enjoyed their day and tell me they feel they have learnt a great deal.”