College Turns To Staff For Innovative Cost-Cutting Ideas

Mon, 2000-07-31 01:00

East Durham College has recently launched a new incentive programme to reward its staff for their best budget-cutting ideas.

Stuart Wesselby, Principal & CEO, said: “Private companies and public bodies have long recognised that the best ideas often come from those in the figurative trenches, since they're the ones closest to the organisation's day-to-day operations.

“As an organisation funded by taxpayers money we have always been very focused on providing services for the best value for money possible. However, in anticipation of funding cuts, following the public spending review, we have introduced this new ‘Staff Innovation Award’.

“The awards will be cash payments made to our employees with creative and practical ideas that lead to tangible savings and improved services to students or to the financial health of our College.”

Staff have been asked to develop proposals on how to deliver improved services whilst reducing costs. Staff have until 30th November to submit their proposals to the College Leadership Team for consideration.

Mr Wesselby went on to explain: “Staff involved in the best ideas will then have an opportunity to put those plans into action. If an audit, after six months, can show real cost savings and improved service, then the employee(s) will be given 10% of the savings measured in the first year of implementation, up to a maximum of £5,000."