(L-R) Maths Challenge Winners from Seaham School Conor Newby, Lauren McGhin, Beth Ritchie and Natalie Bowmaker

College Hosts 2013 East Durham Maths Challenge

Sun, 2002-03-31 00:00

Teams of budding mathematicians took part in this year’s East Durham Schools Maths Challenge.

The event, which took place on Wednesday 27th March in The Lubetkin Theatre at East Durham College’s Peterlee Campus, saw 11 teams of four competing for top honours.

The teams taking part were from St. Bedes, Dene Community School, Easington Academy, Seaham School and Academy at Shotton Hall secondary schools.

The Year 10 and 11 students took part in six fiercely competed rounds, which included a mix of maths questions and problem solving tasks.

The pupils were also challenged to construct a bridge from pasta in one round, with winners of the round decided by whose bridge could hold the most weight.

The scores were nip and tuck all the way, but eventually Seaham School prevailed with a winning score of 56 points. The runners-up were The Academy of Shotton Hall just one point behind with 55 points.

The winning team from Seaham were pupils; Natalie Bowmaker, Beth Ritchie, Lauren McGhin and Conor Newby, and said they were ‘delighted’ and ‘surprised’ to win the trophy.

Andrew Green, the team’s maths teacher, said: “I’m not shocked but very pleased and proud that the team won.

“They are part of a wonderful class who are a complete joy to teach. I’m delighted that they managed to win the trophy for Seaham. Well done.”

Eugene McCrossan, Vice Principal at East Durham College, who presented the trophies, added: “The Maths Challenge is a great way to help instil the spirit of completion and teamwork.

“I’m delighted with the enthusiasm the students have shown and the judges were very impressed with their academic knowledge and ability to use their initiative”.