A counsellor and client having coffee and talking together


Our counselling courses are designed for anyone interested in developing listening skills, gaining an understanding of the counselling process and developing personal insights and self-awareness.

Counsellors work with individuals to support personal development and in times of crisis or distress to help to bring about change in their lives, while respecting their values and capacity to find their own solutions.

To see full details on each of our counselling courses, run at the Peterlee Campus in County Durham, please click on any of the courses listed below.

Available full and part time course(s) listed below:

The full time courses listed below are for the academic year 2018/19, starting September 2018. For part-time courses please see the start date within the course page itself.

Employment Stats & Facts In This Sector

Infographic detailing key employment stats in counselling, these details can be found in the career coach section of our website