Apprentice Plays To His Strengths With Career Move

Thu, 22/06/2000 - 01:00

Twenty two year old Darren Anderson from Peterlee, has been promoted to marketing assistant within East Durham College’s marketing team, after being given an opportunity to showcase his skills via an Advanced Apprenticeship in Business and Administration.

A former student at the College, Darren originally pursued a career in sports exercise and fitness after successfully completing a college course.  He went on to become a fitness instructor, even helping out at the East Durham College gym on occasions when they were short staffed.

Keen to pursue a new challenge, Darren was delighted to discover that the College was offering an Apprenticeship in Business and Administration and so decided to apply for the post.

A successful interview secured the job and Darren started work at East Durham College’s Peterlee campus in March 2009.  A year down the line, and with a raft of experience across different departments and an Advanced Apprenticeship under his belt, Darren has recently been promoted to a permanent post in the College’s marketing team.

Working as a marketing assistant, Darren reports directly to the College’s marketing manager and is involved with a whole range of different activities.

“No two days are ever the same, which is great.  One minute I might be briefing a design agency about the promotional literature we need, the next I could be gathering information for a press release or updating our website.  I’ve even started doing a bit of in-house design work too, which is a new area for me but is really fascinating,” explained Darren.

“I absolutely love my job and I am so pleased that the Apprenticeship has given me an opportunity to pursue such an exciting new career. Marketing is definitely the right choice for me.

“What’s more, I have been able to learn new skills whilst earning a wage and gaining valuable hands on experience.  As time progresses I know that I’ll continue to grow and develop further in this role too as I’m learning all the time,” he continued.

As part of his development Darren also receives onsite support from the Apprenticeship team within East Durham College.

“Small teams such as ours rely on people to think on their feet and be flexible in their approach – and Darren fulfils these criteria admirably,” said Alistair Cummins-Macleod, marketing manager, East Durham College.

“Apprenticeships are a great way to recruit and develop ambitious, well motivated individuals,” he added.

John Wayman, regional director, National Apprenticeship Service, said: “Thousands of businesses of all sizes and sectors are already reaping the rewards of integrating the Apprenticeship programme into their people development strategies.  Whether recruiting new members of staff or developing existing employees, Apprenticeships lead to higher level skills.  This in turn boosts productivity, motivation and competitiveness.”