East Durham College Engage 16+ staff and students

Course Launched To Help Teenagers Gain Employment

Mon, 2016-06-13 10:52

Students on a new course at East Durham College have been working as a team to renovate a college building.

The Engage 16+ course is aimed at teenagers who have left school and are currently out of education or employment.

The Engage programme is tailored specifically to a student’s needs, with a personalised study programme created to help gain the necessary qualifications and work skills to enable the student to move towards their chosen future path.

There will be opportunities for students to gain valuable employability skills, essential maths and English skills along with the chance to develop personally and socially.

Based at both the Peterlee and Houghall campus, the course has been specifically designed to help students get the skills they need to progress straight into further employment, further education or an apprenticeship.

And over the last few week’s students on the course have worked alongside each other, and with help from other areas of East Durham College to renovate an old building at the college’s Houghall Campus which will be the base for the Engage programme once completed.

Students have worked on tasks together such as, painting and decorating the building, pruning and tidying the garden area and upcycling old furniture to create an outdoor seating area.

East Durham College, Engage lecturer, Simone Ward, praised the students for their hard work and their teamwork through the task and also thanked the areas of the college who have helped them out with the renovation.

Simone said: “We came up with this task as part of the community element of the programme and also to help the students develop their team working skills.

“The students have really come together on this task and done a great job so far on renovating this building at the Houghall campus.

“A huge thank you must go to areas such as painting and decorating, the garden centre and arboriculture teams from around both the Peterlee and Houghall campus for the donations of tools and materials, along with their advice and guidance to help us on the work we have completed so far.”

And Ian Faircloth, Engage 16+ lecturer, believes this new course can help give young people the kick start they need to find the right route to employment for them.

Ian added: “The Engage 16+ programme is a new way to help students get back into education.

“The aim of the course is to help students find the right route into their future career.

“The students we have had on the course have enjoyed the course and have worked really hard on their personalised courses, aiming to get themselves the skills necessary for their chosen future paths.

For more information on the programme please contact the Engage team on 0191 518 5514.