Daniel Elliot with Eugene

Daniel Serves Up Student Award

Mon, 2002-02-11 00:00

Catering and hospitality student Daniel Elliot has picked up a student award for his hard work in January on his course at East Durham College.

Daniel, 19, from Peterlee, is in the final year of his course at the College and was really shocked to win the award.

Daniel said: “It was a real surprise to be put forward for an award, but I am really proud that all my hard work has paid off and it has really showed me what I can achieve when I put in that extra effort.”

With not long left at College Daniel is already looking to the future and hopes to get himself into employment as soon as he finishes the course.

“The course has been fantastic and really shown me what I can do, I’ll never forget my time at the College when I leave,” added Daniel.

“Once my course is over I will hopefully be able to find some work either in a hotel or a restaurant.”

Daniel was put forward for the award by catering and hospitality programme leader Sharon Littler, who praised the way Daniel has matured throughout this time at the College and the high level of commitment and standards he brings to the course.

Sharon said: “Daniel is extremely hard working and always completes all his tasks to an excellent standard. He has grown and developed so much whilst working towards his level 3.”

“Daniel attends lessons and services even when they’re not on his timetable and he works hard to promote the restaurant and is always trying various ways to deliver high standards of customer service to the customers. I’m a full time member of staff and he’s here more than I am!

“He is always pleasant and polite and he is a pleasure to work alongside. He is thoroughly deserving of this award. He has come so far.”