Laura Maddison with her Mum Carole, Celebrating with Champagne Bottle

From Dental Nurse to Qualified Dentist – How an Access Course Helped Laura Maddison Achieve Her Dream

Tue, 14/07/2020 - 09:55

It’s a time for celebration for Laura Maddison and her family. After originally beginning work at the age of 16 as a dental nurse, Laura, from Grangetown in Sunderland, went through several years of hard work and study and has just graduated as a qualified dentist from Newcastle University.

After working as a dental nurse for seven years, Laura’s journey to become a qualified dentist started with an Access to Higher Education course in science at East Durham College from 2014-15. 

Access to Education courses are offered by East Durham College to allow those who may have not previously gained the necessary grades to go to university to do so.

Speaking about her Access course, Laura said: “When I think back to the decision to come to EDC to do the access course, it’s just amazing and surreal to think what it has led to. It was hard work because I was still working at the time and then studying three nights a week, but I’m really glad I did it!”

After leaving her Access course, Laura moved on to study Dentistry at Newcastle University. She has been studying towards her degree in dentistry for the past five years, and earlier this month, finally achieved her dream of becoming Dr. Laura Maddison.

Laura will be starting her first job as a qualified dentist in September 2020 when she joins Alpha Dental Care in Chester-le-Street to start her Dental Foundation year.

In the future, Laura also hopes to apply for a year’s placement in a maxillofacial surgical department as she found she was very interested in this side of dentistry during her degree programme.

For more information on East Durham College’s Access to Higher Education course programmes, please click here.