Early Lambing Suits Houghall

Thu, 2001-06-07 01:00

East Durham College Students Calvin Tutt and Kenzie Williams

Lambing season always starts early at East Durham College’s Houghall Campus, in Durham, and this year is no exception.

The team are already in full swing following the arrival of the first lambs on Sunday. The College has 180 pregnant ewes and is expecting to care for about 360 lambs. 

Curriculum Leader for Agriculture & Foundation Studies Keith Cook and the College’s agricultural, animal care and foundation studies students are all really busy time making sure the sheep and their new arrivals are all happy and healthy.

“We have had 36 new arrivals since Sunday. We always time breeding so that our flock starts lambing before the main farming community. That way our students get lambing experience at the College and are then ready to help out on farms across the region and get valuable work experience when lambing time proper starts,” explained Keith. 

Agricultural student Calvin Tutt, aged 17, from Langley Park in Durham, said: “I’m absolutely loving my first year at Houghall and am learning so much. Being involved in the lambing has been a wonderful experience.” 

Livestock Manager Pete Williamson added: “It’s great to have the students present at this time of the year to help out as the sheep really need constant supervision.”