Suzanne Martin, continuity announcer at Channel 4 in front of recording equipment

East Durham College Media Lecturer Suzi is the Voice of the Airwaves

Mon, 2018-10-01 09:03

Ever heard a distinctive North Eastern voice when programmes are being introduced on the Channel 4 network? You may have heard it before at the college..

Suzi Martin, who is a media lecturer here at East Durham College, also works as a Continuity Announcer for Channel 4.  As a Continuity Announcer, Suzi is responsible for introducing programming across the entire Channel 4 network - so if you watch Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4 or 4/7, there's a chance you'll hear a familiar voice over the airwaves.

Working within the media industry and keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in this fast-moving field means Suzi can constantly increase the range of skills and knowledge that she passes on to her students at East Durham College's Peterlee campus. In the past, Suzi worked for many years as a producer for Heart Radio North East.

While Suzi is very passionate about her new additional job at Channel 4, she’s even more passionate about teaching media at the college. “It’s important to me that my teaching also comes first – I hope my new position at Channel 4 will inspire my students to pursue a career in the media industry and open their eyes to how many opportunities there are for talented media professionals.

“With my new position I can pass on valuable, realistic industry experience to my students every day at the college, helping them to get the best start with their potential future careers in media.”

Fancy studying media at East Durham College? As well as Suzi's wealth of expertise, we've also got a full range of industry-standard tools and equipment, including radio equipment, a full Mac computer media suite with video and image editing software, DSLR cameras, recording studio, television studio and much more.

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