ED6 To Offer Honours Programme

Thu, 19/04/2001 - 01:00

A local sixth form college is to offer its new high flying students a special programme to help stretch them academically and to make life a little easier for them with the offer of a free laptop.

East Durham Sixth Form, known as ED6, in Peterlee, will offer its Honours Programme to any prospective ED6 students who gets at least five As in their GCSEs this summer.

The new initiative will offer the students a ‘Stretch and Challenge’ programme which they may have been on at school. Some students may have been identified as ‘gifted and talented’ at school and will want to continue on a similar programme – ED6’s Honours Programme is just that.

The new sixth form has also recently added A Level Chemistry to its other 20 subjects due to the number of requests for the subject by these students applying to ED6.

Head of the new sixth form, Jacqui Lee, said: “At ED6, we plan to work very hard for the success of each and every one of our students, including those who are academic high flyers. Top achieving students will be enrolled on to our ED6 Honours Programme when our doors open in September.

“The Programme has been developed to enable such students to achieve their full potential and realise their ambitions and goals. Students who want to study on the most demanding and competitive courses at a top university will be greatly benefited by being on this programme.”

The Programme will offer students academic enhancement, study skills, mentoring and the guidance they will need to make strong applications to the most competitive universities.

Ms Lee remarked: “ED6 will also be expecting a lot from its Honours students in terms of commitment to their community; through volunteering, peer mentoring and leadership development. There will also be additional lectures and conferences the students will be encouraged to attend.”

All Honours Programme students will also receive a laptop to use during their time at ED6 as well as book tokens and other such rewards for their academic success. These rewards will continue if they continue to do well throughout their AS and A2 studies.

“The ED6 Honours Programme is a really wonderful opportunity for talented young people to show what they can achieve both academically as well as socially,” Ms Lee added.

For more details on the Honours Programme and ED6 please call Student Services on 0191 518 8222 or visit www.ed6.ac.uk