EDC Barbering Lecturer Takes to The Stage at Salon International in First-Ever Education Slot

Wed, 2017-10-18 14:20

Alison Scattergood, a barbering lecturer at East Durham College, has taken to the stage at Salon International, the world’s biggest event in the hairdressing and barbering industry, to deliver a presentation about the future of barbering in education.

The event, which took place in London from the 14th-16th October 2017, brings together the biggest names in the salon industry for a series of exhibitions, live styling demonstrations and presentations.

Earlier this year, Alison was accepted as a member of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing, the biggest organisation supporting the sector. The Fellowship usually only works with members such as Charles Worthington, Jamie Stevens, The Feds, Tracey Devine Smith and other stylists who are renowned for working with celebrities around the world.

This marks the first time that The Fellowship has ever worked with a college. They invited Alison to complete a presentation on Saturday 14th October in the Education Slot at Salon International talking about the barbering industry and East Durham College’s expertise in barbering education.
After being invited to join the Fellowship, Alison completed a stage presentation at the Wella Hair Academy in London. Judges in the audience graded this presentation and Alison scored well and was therefore invited to complete the first ever education slot at Salon International.

After of the presentation, Alison said: “It’s a great honour to have been on stage at Salon International, particularly as it’s the first time the Fellowship has ever worked with a college at this level. Barbering is more popular than ever and I aimed to showcase that barbering education is an excellent way to pursue a rewarding career path in the future.”

The presentation, which used the theme of ‘Mods and Rockers’ involved Alison talking about the industry while performing live barbering on models. All the models selected for the presentation were students ar East Durham College who are studying barbering courses, a fact that Alison is very proud of.

She added: “Most companies at Salon International will pay hundreds, if not thousands for models on stage. I wanted to present real students from the college as this gives them a great opportunity to see Salon International for themselves.

After the presentation the students felt really inspired by the experience, and I felt really proud of them and to have been part of this opportunity.”

Alison is one of the UK’s leading barbering lecturers, having recently been presented with a Master Craftsman Diploma in Barbering and British Master Barber status.

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