EDC launches RFS Silky Fox Handsaws Awards

Tue, 01/05/2001 - 01:00

David Davenport of Silky Fox Handsaws and the Royal Forestry Society's Education Officer Debbie Cotton, launch the RFS Silky Fox Handsaws Awards.

East Durham College at Houghall, Durham, will be amongst the first colleges to launch the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) Silky Fox Handsaws Awards. The new award has been set up to recognise outstanding students on courses with a strong practical arboriculture or woodland management elements.

The winner will receive a Silky Gomtaro 300mm pruning saw together with a year’s free membership to the RFS. The awards will be presented by the RFS North Eastern Division and by Silky Fox Handsaws in the summer.

RFS Education Officer Debbie Cotton explained: “The annual award is for students on Further Education courses that meet the practical skills criteria.

“It recognises the increasing value of Level 2 & 3 Diploma courses in Forestry and Arboriculture in delivering the essential skills to open doors into careers in both the private and public sector.

“As an education charity promoting the wise management of trees and woods, the RFS is delighted to recognise the excellent work of colleges up and down the country, and to give recognition to students who have gone the extra mile in their learning.”

Joe Shipley, an Arboriculture Lecturer at East Durham College, commented: “ We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with the Royal Forestry Society on this Award. There are more than 80 arboriculture students currently studying at the College and all are keen to develop and display their skills. For the eventual winner this award will represent a real achievement.”

David Davenport of Silky Fox Handsaws added: “The practical skills learned through these courses help ensure we have a skilled workforce to maintain and enhance the country’s trees and woodlands. These students form the backbone of the country’s tree experts in the future.

"Silky saws enjoy a worldwide reputation for quality, and we hope these will become treasured - and useful - reminders for the students of the valuable time that they spent in college.”

The RFS North Eastern Division organises woodland visits and activities, and welcomes new members. For further information please contact Divisional Secretary Hamish Jeffrey on 01833 660014 or visit www.rfs.org.uk