Employers - Could You Offer a Supported Internship?

As an employer, you have the opportunity to change lives. With the supported internship programme at East Durham College, you can help to change the lives of people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in our region.

Supported internships are study programmes aimed at young people,aged 16-24, who have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). These young people may want to move into employment, but need extra support in order to do so.

The overwhelming majority of young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are capable of sustainable paid employment, provided they have the right preparation and support.

At East Durham College, we are working closely with employers in our region, just like you, to support this vision. EDC is committed to providing pathways to employment for young people with SEN, offering a clear focus on preparing students for the workplace.

By identifying the skills you're looking for, and giving them the support to develop these skills through college and supported internships at the business premises of employers in our region, we are working hard to give more opportunities to young people with SEN.

What To Expect from a Supported Internship

The college will work alongside your business to ensure that the learner gets the very most out of their supported internship, as well as ensuring that your business has the necessary support and understanding of how to get the best out of the young person with SEN.

The Supported Internship programme has the following aims:

  • Achieving sustainable, paid employment for the intern
  • Supporting the intern, helping to develop their skills which are valued by employers. This in turn helps the intern to demonstrate their value in the workplace
  • Develop the intern's confidence in their own abilities, enabling them to perform successfully at work
  • Build the intern's experience with the aim of developing their CV, demonstrating that the young person has the skills and willingness to work
  • Change the perception of employers about employing people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities
  • To change the perception of the young person's family, demonstrating that they are capable of independent work
  • To improve the intern's skills in maths and English, ensuring that the young person is better prepared for the world of work, and helping them gain skills such as handling money, interacting with the public and practising interview skills
  • Helping the young person become a confident independent traveller, commuting to work

As an employer in our region, you can help East Durham College to make these aims a reality.

Work in Partnership with EDC to Offer a Supported Internship Programme

If you would like more details on our supported internship programme, our specialist staff are on-hand to guide you through every stage of the process.

To discuss more details or to request an appointment, please call the college's Supported Internship Coordinator on 0191 518 8284, or email rachel.thom@eastdurham.ac.uk.

Download our Supported Internship Leaflet Here >>