Equal Opportunities is Child's Play

Tue, 11/01/2000 - 00:00

Students at East Durham College have been in stitches making dolls to teach children about equal opportunities. 

The childcare students are studying for an NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Creative Craft as part of their enrichment and additional learning goals alongside their childcare qualification. 

Paula Kirton, Childcare Lecturer at the College, said: “The students began the course with little knowledge and skill in relation to needlework. Many were reluctant and voiced their distain at the thought of using a sewing machine.   

“Nevertheless they began the course and were given the task of researching, designing and producing a soft toy doll. We decided on this topic due to the fact that all students would then be able to use their doll in placement and we could link the use and design of the doll to anti-discriminatory practice. 

“As the course has progressed I have seen such a great change in my students. Initially they doubted their ability and were very negative whereas now they have developed a range of creative practical skills and also a greater awareness of individual needs.”