European Day at Lille

Fri, 07/01/2000 - 00:00

Students from both Horticultural and Catering areas represented the college at a ‘European Day’ hosted by our Comenius partners in Lille in Northern France. 

With help from Steve Unsworth, the horticulturalists presented a video of their work undertaken in the gardens of Old Durham this year.  They also demonstrated the banner of Durham culture through the ages which bids fair to rival the Bayeux Tapestry! 

As their contribution to the Comenius scheme this year, the catering students have collated a traditional recipe book with the help of the senior members of the Howletch ‘dining club’. Two traditional staples, toad in the hole and shortbread were offered, along with canapés, before lunch. 

Our students were part of a cohort of over a hundred students and teachers from six European countries each of whom had prepared visual or musical presentations on the theme of handing down traditions through the generations. 

Our students were praised very highly for the quality of their work and for their outstanding behaviour.   

As this was the final Comenius meeting to be chaired by Georges Santis, the ‘Day’ was attended by many high-ranking teachers and administrators who had travelled many miles to render homage to Georges and his wife. Tributes and presents were the order of the afternoon.  M. le Recteur de l’Academie de Lille spoke for all of us when he said that Georges was an inspiration for his generation. 

After two days of socialising with their peers from Poland, German, Belgium and France, everyone felt that they had experienced an event which would be remembered for a long time.