European Pole Climbing Championship Win

Sun, 16/01/2000 - 00:00

Congratulations to the Arboriculture students who recently attended the Association of Professional Foresters Exhibition at Cannock Chase. 

The Houghall College presence was strong at the event, with one team contributing to the health and safety of the European Tree Climbing championships and many more of our students competing in events. 

To those who have seen the talent and skill of the students first hand, it will come as no surprise that not only were our students prize winners, but they took all of the top places – winning first, second and third trophies and new equipment! 

The students were competing in the European Pole Climbing Championships in the Working Class category. Rather than competing using the modified climbing irons often seen on experts, the students put their skills to the test competing using conventional climbing spikes and a working strop – not an easy task! 

On the final day of the show Houghall students took from first to sixth place in the final, with all six receiving prize money. First to third place were presented with trophies and the overall winner received a brand new Husqvarna chainsaw. 

Congratulations go to: 
Roy Rudd - 1st Place
Josh Marshall - 2nd Place
Craid Tummelty - 3rd Place
Marc Gillibrand - 4th Place
Alasdair Woodhead - 5th Place
David Teasdale - 6th Place