Britrisk Safety's green space safety expert Jon Allbutt

Expert To Share Environmental Health and Safety Advice

Sat, 2002-08-03 01:00

Britrisk Safety's green space safety expert Jon Allbutt.

East Durham College’s Houghall Campus is set to host a specialist talk on the importance of health and safety in the environment in 2014.

Renowned green space safety expert Jon Allbutt, who heads up Britrisk Safety Limited’s green services safety advisors team, will visit the campus on Thursday 13th February.

The free event will look into the key challenges of managing safety, health and the environment covering topics such as:

· The H&S regulatory changes now ongoing following the Löfstedt Report
· The Implementation of the new Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012
· The Water Framework Directive
· The changes in Pesticide Regulations and the abolishment of ‘Grandfather Rights’.

The event starts at 11am and will feature two 30-minute sessions from Mr Allbutt followed by a question and answer session, before Rae Beckwith Chairman of the Houghall Horticultural Training Centre closes the event.

Jon Allbutt said: “Whether you are the employer, a manager, supervisor, worker, student or self-employed, you have duties to comply with health, safety and environmental legislation.

“We are in a period of important change over the next two years and my talks are aimed at clarifying key issues for all those involved in the amenity, sport and landscape sectors.”