Lamb at the East Durham College Houghall campus

First Lambs Of 2016 Welcomed To Houghall Farm

Fri, 2016-02-26 12:37

East Durham College’s Houghall Farm is delighted to have welcomed the first lambs of 2016 to the Houghall campus.

Staff at the college have used specific breeding techniques, to be able to expand the birthing season, to give all students the opportunity to experience this part of the farming process.

By using these techniques the period of lambing has been able to start earlier than normal and will continue all the way through until April.

Houghall Farm Manager Keith Cook, who has overseen the project, believes using this method is a great way to give all the students a chance to be involved with an integral part of farming life.

Keith said: “We used these techniques during last year’s lambing season and it was a great benefit to our students.

“It’s just another way that we are continuing to expand here at the College to show students a wide range of processes and techniques that can be implemented within the farming process.

“Through the techniques we have used for the lambing this year we have been able to expand our lambing season to start earlier than normal here at the College, giving students on our agriculture courses the opportunity to get involved.”

And members of the public will also have the chance to see the new lambs at the Houghall Campus in early spring.

Once again East Durham College’s Houghall Farm will be hosting its Lambing Sunday event this year on Sunday 20th March between 11am-3pm.

East Durham College’s Houghall campus is currently undergoing a £12 million redevelopment, which will see a newly developed main building, a new animal care centre, a new indoor equine arena and new agricultural buildings created on the site. The development is on course to be completed for the new academic year beginning September 2016.

For more information on courses in Agriculture at East Durham College’s Houghall Campus in Durham, call our student services team on 0191 375 4710.