Force of Nature

Tue, 12/09/2000 - 01:00

Once again Mother Nature has shown her diverse and wonderful power at Houghall, County Durham, by creating what looks like almost an alien landscape feature.

The fountain that is the centre piece of the formal gardens at East Durham College’s Houghall Campus has formed a stunning ice sculpture.

Jane Pringle, Head of Houghall, said: “We have seen temperatures drop as low as minus 17.5C, as measured at our weather station on campus. This recording was taken about a week ago and at 7 foot above ground level, so the ground temperature will probably have been even lower.

“It’s amazing how the water has continued to flow in the fountain and frozen in such an interesting and stunning way. It’s beautiful”

This amazing natural feature follows other extreme examples of nature at the College such as the creation of the Durham Canyon and the mass floods that hit the Campus in August 2009.