Going Dutch

Mon, 2000-05-08 01:00

A group of 35 college students are to perform at Q-Bus, a prestigious music venue in Holland, as part of their BND Music course.

The students from East Durham College will spend 2 days in Holland and perform at Q-Bus located in the beautiful historic city of Leiden on 18th March.

The bands performing range in style from the classic rock sound of Globe Hawk to the 80’s inspired electronica of CrushCrush, to the “poptastic” covers of 3 Little Words.

The trip is just another example of the College’s vibrant approach to learning. Students have to prepare promotional publicity material, risk assessments, websites, equipment lists, and much more for the trip - along with learning the repertoire they intend to perform.

Marc Oliver, professional musician and lecturer at the College, is responsible for getting the three bands into shape, is delighted with the opportunity to work with the talented students on such an exciting project.

Marc commented: “There is a lot of hard work involved and it is stressful pulling everything together in time for the gig. It’s also extremely exciting and a very real vocational experience for the students”.

As part of the trip performing arts students will also be entertaining passengers on-board the P&O ferry to Rotterdam.

The trip has been organised in conjunction with Live Business, a leading West End theatrical agency, and it gives students the chance to perform in a real environment and see, quite literally, if they can do it on the big stage.

For student Jamie Hobkirk, 17 from Seaham, the trip is even more exciting as it will be the first time he has travelled abroad. Jamie said: “I’m playing music I love and I’m getting the chance to travel and gig abroad. It’s brilliant.”