Good Signs for Mum, Carrie

Fri, 14/04/2000 - 01:00

Carrie Million, a part-time teaching assistant at East Durham College, has launched a new business which helps parents to communicate with their children before they can talk.

Carrie has set up 'Signing Tots' to give signing training to babies and children up to five years old to help convey their feelings to their parents.

The Classes at 'Signing Tots', based in Peterlee include a mix of themed British sign language signs, rhymes, music and games which have been specially developed for the age range.

Carrie decided to look into training after taking her daughter Summer, now two, to signing classes when she was eight months old.
Carrie said: “I thought the classes were fantastic. To be able to communicate and understand what my baby was signing to me at such a young age, was amazing. It cut out a lot of tears and tantrums. Summer now has such a broad vocabulary for a two year old.

“I was so impressed with the classes and how effective they were that I decided to do some research, and found that I could train to be a teacher, so that’s what I did.”

Ms Million, a part time teaching assistant at East Durham College, set up her business with support from Be Enterprising, County Durham’s Local Enterprise Growth Initiative.

Chris Churms, Ms Million’s Be Enterprising coach, said: “Carrie came to us with an unusual business idea, and we were more than happy to help put her on the right track. Carrie really enjoys what she does, and you can see how dedicated she is.”

Signing Tots classes start on Wednesday 6th January at Howletch SureStart Centre and places must be pre-booked.