Performing Arts Students in Costume - (L-R) Lou Brewer, Anthony Ord, Alex Wallace, Jennifer Hargrave, Brodie Jobson, James Trenholm, Lewis Muir and Casey-Leigh Atherton

Halloween Performance A Spooktacular Success

Fri, 23/11/2001 - 00:00

A group of students from East Durham College helped to ensure that Hartlepool Maritime Museum's Halloween event was a ‘spooktacular’ success.

The event held over two nights on the 30th and 31st of October attracted over 1,000 visitors and gave the performing arts students the chance to gain some great work experience.

When offered the opportunity to get involved with the project at Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience the college students jumped at the chance to show off their performing skills and creativity.

Performing Arts Foundation Degree student Ryan O’Toole said: "When the organisers came to us with the request for us to provide spooky entertainment we were very excited about getting involved.

“Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience is an amazing venue and the opportunity to create performance material for it was a fantastic learning opportunity.”

In the ‘fighting ships’ section of the museum the students created a ‘Spooky Doo’ walk inspired by the popular children's animated character Scooby Doo.

The students also created a shadow puppet musical called Mr Haaskinder about a man who feeds people into a sausage machine to make food for his pet crocodile. They also created a short street theatre performance about a mad scientist and his zombie creation.

Event organiser and Cultural Events Officer for Hartlepool Council Katie Hammond was delighted with the professionalism and creativity demonstrated by the students. Asked about the standard of the students’ work she said: “They did a brilliant job and everything went down with visitors really well.”

Curriculum Leader for Creative Industries at East Durham College Amanda Gregory added: “We are really grateful for being given the opportunity to be able to demonstrate the high standard of work that our students are capable of.

“The creative sector is incredibly broad and encompasses so many different opportunities for creative expression. It has been a really useful experience for the students to gain a sense of the range of activities beyond TV and theatre work.”

You can take a look at the students work at the Hartlepool Maritime Experience by clicking here.