Horticulture May Award 2012

Wed, 2001-08-08 01:00

East Durham College student James Mason recently won the Horticulture Award at the College’s May Student Awards ceremony.

James, 20, from Shildon, is studying on a Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture.

James's Tutor, Dawn James said: "James has 89.7% attendance and punctuality. Although James has always worked well in practical sessions he struggled with the academic side of the programme.  This sometimes led him to not show interest and not put the effort into his work.

"However, due to his determination to succeed his study skills have vastly improved resulting in merit and distinction grades in some subject areas.  James is now a key student in helping to assist other students operating machinery. James has developed his research skills and now is able to access books in relation to his topic areas, reference work and this reflects in his assignment work.

"Over the past two terms James’s motivation and enthusiasm for the course has improved dramatically.  He is more focused and interested and joins in with one hundred percent effort in all sessions, he is now starting to see the links between the theory and practical and how relevant and important theory sessions are.  James is a valuable student and a key player in the group."