Impact Health & Fitness Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all our members.

The needs of the Students are paramount, the usage of facilities by the students is incidental to the College main activity ie provision of education.  Therefore, any College commitment or events held by the College may result in the closure of the above, however a refund will be given or an alternative rearranged session will be offered.  Information will be displayed at the Reception with prior notice to closure of the above facility.

The facility will be reduced opening times on Bank Holidays, during the Christmas holidays the centre will be closed or open on reduced opening times.  You will be notified in advance of the opening schedule.

A membership agreement does not guarantee availability of the use of fitness equipment or a place in fitness class.

Sports Centre staff reserve the right to close the Fitness Suite at any time to meet Health & Safety requirements.

Codes of Conduct

  • All members must show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others
  • When attending Impact Health & Fitness you are accountable for your own behaviour

The following behaviour is not acceptable to staff or other members:

  • Behaviour which may be deemed dangerous and puts the physical safety of others at risk
  • Behaviour or language which discriminates on the grounds of race, gender, disability, nationality, religious or philosophical belief, age or sexual orientation
  • Behaviour which excludes other participants
  • Abusive or threatening language or behaviour

The management of College reserve the right to cancel any membership in breach of the rules or conduct stated above.

Members are encouraged to share any concerns or complaints that they may have, about any aspect of the gym with the Gym Manager, any complaints will then be escalated by the Gym Manager following the College Complaints procedure.

Rules / Guidelines – COVID Guidelines included

In order to maintain a high standard of facilities within a safe environment and to ensure everyone's enjoyment, ALL members must abide by these rules otherwise membership may be withdrawn. The College reserve the right to change these from time to time, these will be displayed throughout the facility.

For your safety ALL clients must attend an Induction Session before using the Fitness equipment. Please enquire at Reception.

Clients must wear the appropriate footwear, tracksuit bottoms or shorts and a suitable T-shirt must be worn at all times.  Combat trousers/shorts (with side pockets) will not be allowed.

Any faults found must be reported immediately to Sports Centre Staff.

Mobile telephones must not be used whilst operating equipment and machinery.

Free Weights

  • You must be aware of other users when executing any lifts ie have adequate space around you.
  • Do not let the weight stacks bang down, lower them gently under control.
  • Do not rest on the equipment between sets, especially during busy periods.
  • All Dumb Bells and Free Weights must be returned to racks provided after use.

Cardiovascular and Machine Weights

  • Do not hang your towel or items of clothing over the treadmills!
  • Please use the paper towels and spray provided to wipe down the machines after use, do not leave perspiration on the machines.
  • During peak times do not spend longer than 20 minutes on each machine. 


In order to keep all gym members satisfied please could you ensure you adhere to the following:

  • Please use the paper towel provided to wipe down the machine after own use.
  • Anti-perspirants are used
  • Clean Gym attire is worn for every session
  • Gym gloves are changed/washed after every session
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided for hands and to clean equipment after use.
  • Members are advised to a water bottle to ensure sufficient fluid is consumed
  • No food allowed in the gym

Rules / Guidelines – COVID Guidelines included

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have put new procedures and policies in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our members.

  • Clients displaying any of the Covid signs must follow government guidelines and stay at home and self isolate
  • Clients must download the NHS track and trace app and scan your phone using the barcode at the reception 
  • Clients must come ready to train, please do not bring bags, there are no lockers or changing facilities available
  • Please use the hand sanitising dispenser on the way in and out, and during your session at the sanitising station placed downstairs and upstairs
  • All members must take responsibility for cleaning their own machine after use using the sanitising station.  All cleaning stations will include paper towels and sanitising spray
  • Wherever possible, you should try and maintain a 2m distance away from other people using the gym
  • Marking on the floor for distancing must be adhered to

After every hour gym session there is a 30 minute cleaning slot allocated for the gym staff to clean the machines, ready for the next session.