Jake Cummings Takes Home March Student Award

Sat, 2002-09-28 01:00

Jake Cummings has been selected for an East Durham College Student of the Month award for March.

Jake, 17, from Bishop Auckland, picked up the award at a ceremony on Monday evening held at the College’s Scene1 restaurant.

Jake received the award for his positive attitude and for being such a supportive person.

Tutor at the Derwent Provision, Laura Richardson said: “Jake always puts the utmost effort into his class work and maintains a professional attitude when he is in college.

“Jake is such a supportive person and is always happy to offer a helping hand to his peers as well as staff when needed.

“One of the main reasons Jake has been nominated for this award is his consistently positive attitude and demeanour. He is polite and extremely courteous and considerate of others.”