College Student Kay Baldasera receives her Student of the Month award from College Principal Suzanne Duncan

Kay Baldasera Takes Childcare Award for December

Fri, 2002-01-11 00:00

East Durham College student Kay Baldasera has been given a Student of the Month award for her work on her Care and Education for December.

Kay, 26 from Horden is currently in the first year of her Foundation Degree in Care and Education at the College whilst also working at the Giant Step Nursery in Horden. She received her award along with 12 others at a graduation style ceremony at East Durham College’s Scene 1 restaurant on Monday.

After a fantastic start to her course, Kay hopes her high standard of work continues and once she finishes her course, Kay hopes to become a primary school teacher.

Lecturer in Care and Education, Stephen Eltringham, praised Kay for her fantastic attendance record and positive attitude towards her studies at the College.

Stephen said: “Kay has a fantastic attendance record at the College and has never missed a session.

“She has shown a good ability to work independently on tasks and has a positive attitude to her work. She shows a good understanding of the module outcomes and will involve herself in class and group discussions to share and question ideas.”