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Learner Support Fund Policy


This Learner Support Fund Policy is written to allow students, and potential students, to determine their eligibility for support from the College to assist them with their study costs. Information in this policy applies to the academic year 2017-18 only.

The Learner Support Fund Policy is based on the prevailing national guidelines at the time of writing this policy; the College reserves the right to amend the policy should the national guidelines change.

Students falling into one of the following categories below are specifically excluded from applying for support via the Learner Support Fund:

  • Asylum seekers aged 19 and over
  • Prisoners or young offenders on day-release
  • Non-EU nationals
  • Student’s on waged apprenticeship schemes

The support detailed in this policy is subject to the College receiving funding from the external funding bodies; the College reserves the right to amend/cease the support detailed in this policy in light of changes to the funding received or changes in the requirements from the funding bodies.

The budget for support to students is finite. Students who may be eligible for support may not automatically receive it once the limited funds have been exhausted (with the exception of those who qualify for the Guaranteed Bursary Scheme). Early application for support is therefore advised.

For ease of reference this policy is subdivided into the support that may be given to students who are aged 16 to 18 and those who are aged 19 and above.

Policy Document

To view the full policy, please click on the document below:

7.4 Learner Support Fund Policy