Suzanne Duncan with Leticia Ramirez

Leticia Takes Home Award for Childcare

Fri, 2002-09-27 01:00

Leticia Ramirez has been selected for a Student of the Month award at East Durham College due to her hard work on her Childcare course in March.

Leticia, originally from Mexico now living in Murton, came to the UK four year ago when she moved with her husband’s work. She received the award at a ceremony on Monday evening held at the College’s Scene1 restaurant.

Leticia has been praised for her hard work on the course, her professional attitude and high standard of work.

Childcare lecturer Julie Knowles said: “Leticia always completes tasks to a high standard.

“She is very professional and has even managed to gain employment at a local nursery at the end of the course.

“When she first started on the course Leticia, requested to work on three different types of work placements with a wide age range of children, this has given her confidence an led her to apply for part time employment  in which she has been successfully employed.”