Local MP Visits College

Sat, 16/09/2000 - 01:00

A group of Uniformed Public Services students, from East Durham College, recently got to meet and question their local MP as part of their course.

MP for Easington, Grahame Morris, kindly agreed to visit the College and give a talk on being a UK Member of Parliament and the workings of the House of Commons.

Mr Morris also gave the students a fascinating insight into the Middle East conflict, recounting his visit to the region. He passionately told them what he had seen and learned about the human impact of the conflict, and how it was effecting Palestinians on the West Bank and in the Jordan Valley.

The group of over 20 students then got to take part in a Q&A with Mr Morris, asking questions ranging from his opinions of University tuition fees, electoral reform, to the recent bailout given by the UK Government to the Republic of Ireland.

Gill Draper, Head of Uniformed Public Services, said: “We are very grateful that Mr Morris was able to give up his time to come and meet with my students. I was really pleased with the interest the students showed and the quality of their questions.”

Mr Morris said: “It was a pleasure to come in and chat about the work of an MP and some current issues with the students in this fantastic new facility. Modern Further Education Colleges are vital for our post school education system. 

“I’m very interested in what the young people had to say and on their opinions on a range of issues, especially at a time when they are becoming more politically aware.

“It was particularly interesting to discuss these issues with them the day after the vote in the House of Commons to significantly increase university tuition fees. This and the recent decision to remove EMA will have a serious impact on students in East Durham.”

Jordan Giles, a student on the course, added: “We are very lucky to have our local MP come in to talk to us. We are working on a unit examining the work of parliament, so the information that Mr Morris gave us was very relevant to our studies and will really help us with our work.”